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Kirk Williamson, Junior Director of Partnerships


Kirk Williamson, has spent over thirty years within both healthcare field and private business, and brings a unique blend of strategic protocol, public relations, and dedicated service to the team. He has worked with major hospital programs overseeing statewide corneal donor procurement including the entire state of Kansas and Oregon, as well as surgical tissue coordination to eye surgeons around the world. He also helped develop and direct the protocols and education to the hundreds of healthcare professionals and first responders that helped assist in the system of eye donation  for research and transplant. Kirk has his undergraduate in clinical nutrition, and Doctorate in Chiropractic which allowed him to specialize in a musculoskeletal therapy and lifestyle analysis practice since 1994. He has served some of the top business executives and CEO’s of many Fortune 500 companies in their interest in peak performance and health.He has dedicated much of his professional career elevating and promoting the use of soft-tissue techniques, and self-maintenance to replace the typical adjustment approach most chiropractors use. More recently, as a result of the Covid 19 pandemic, Kirk’s attention quickly expanded in March, 2019 to apply his experience and dedicated service to locate and procure PPE supplies to  private industry, healthcare, and government. He has worked tirelessly through the pandemic to expedite countless high volume RFPs across most global time zones, and has excelled at navigating the communications and details that many procurement transactions entail. Through the process of developing a trusted global network of product suppliers and customers, he states, “I’ve been most impressed and inspired by Blue Venture Advisors as one of the most strategic, professional, and trusted groups in this arena, and am honored to be a part.”